"10 Things I Hate About You!"

Clients recruit trainers for support and accountability, professional and strategic planning, supervision, and as a healthy conscience to carry around through their days navigating decisions that will impact the rest of their lives.

We deliver. 

Unfortunately, this sometimes makes them hate us.

Here are the top ten things, in my experience, that make my clients swear at me, leave the room, or tell me they hate me. 

1) I make them switch to natural peanut butter.

2) Adding "finishers" at the end of a workout when they think they've already finished.

3) When they ask what the best cereal to eat is, and I tell them to make their own.

4) When I advise cutting back on fruit if their sugar cravings are rampant.

5) Burpees.

6) When I can sense whether they're cheating or not (yes, I can see your heel right through your shoe).

7) When I hold them accountable. You hired me to get a job done, I'm here to make sure you make yourself proud.

8) When I make a tiny adjustment that changes how you experience the entire exercise. (Yup, you were subconsciously avoiding the recruitment of your core, and nope I'm not going to let you, and yup it's going to hurt a little).

9) When I tell them that no, chocolate milk is not a recovery drink, no, fruit juice is on the menu, and yes, you can have too much avocado in one sitting even though it's healthy!

10) Slow tedious-for-you tweaks to change your posture and biomechanics.  I will not let you skip over important work just because you want run, jump and sweat. We will stop and address corrections as needed, because my clients and I do not do crooked anatomies together in this work.


11) I won't flinch when you tell me how much you hate me. Because you'll love me when you feel brand new, fit, happy and functional. Love ya!

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