Jessica was gone!!!!!!!!! I was lost – but I managed to stick to a tough schedule. Week 1 sans Jessica was not my best effort – a mix of business events (including an overly indulgent, weekend-long Montreal business trip) had me feeling like I was bloated and gross. So when Monday rolled around (last Monday) I knew I had to step it up and hammer out a solid week on both the diet and workout front. From Monday to today I ran 44Km, did 1.5 hours of hot yoga, and did 3 solid strength training sessions. I ate well, trying to focus most on a balance of greens and proteins while minimizing fast food. I found a nice little spot that I hit for 3 of the 5 lunches. I struggle with portion control, and eating too much too late – but not last week. No pizza, no wings, and no beers. My SVP has a phrase “no brew over two”. I modified it to “no brew (on weekdays) over two” and have stuck to it. It's no secret that diet is where I often fail to exert enough self control. I think I mention this every blog post. My core is strong, but it's covered in a cute li'l belly. My goal for this coming week is to hammer out another solid effort on the diet front, pair that with another solid cardio, strength and flexibility mix, and I should be good to go. My goal for the month, is to get back under 200lbs.

I am glad Jess is back – I missed her cutting remarks (I need someone to keep me honest) and solid pace during my Friday morning workout. I cant wait to get back in there with her this Friday morning.

Cheers everyone!