After last week's reflection piece, I spent some time trying to figure it all out. I'm still in that process, it's a lot harder than I thought. One of my biggest issue is saying no to the food in front of me. Jess says if I'm spending time questioning whether I should eat something or not - that I should just say no and distract myself with something else. If you're questioning it then you know it's not good for you. It's all psychological and all in my head. Jess also says if you keep eating clean consistent for at least 7 days it will become easier to control what you eat and to say no to the foods that are in front of you. (Jess says: When in doubt, go without!


In the past posts I have expressed my love for baked goods. One of my weakest spots and my cravings have been for sweet treats, especially after a meal. Despite the clean alternatives I have had and have tried I never found anything that was satisfying enough. Jess has solved my biggest problem! She introduced me to Quest protein bars. There are many different flavours and they are absolutely delicious! For all those with a sweet tooth, Quest bars will be your best friend. Jess has suggested I have one a day. I usually have them every other day, they hit the spot and satisfy my cravings 100%! They're high in protein, high in fibre, low in sugar and carbs! You must try them warmed up in the microwave!

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I have been on top of my clean eating and workouts this past week. Although I have strained my chest wall - falling off a bike, and can't do any chest or back workouts at the moment - I have managed to get some great core and lower body workouts in with Jess! I thought I'd had to cancel but she worked around my injury and helped me stay focused!

I'm back on track and feel motivated like I did before the wedding!