One of my favourite snacks to bridge between meals, particularly mid-afternoon when clients frequently complain of being peckish, is an egg-white pancake. Packed with protein and fibre, it really helps to bridge the gap between lunch and dinner, and wards off that vulnerability toward the vending machine. The best part is it's portable and so easy to make: Spray a pan with some canola oil. Pour in half a small carton of egg whites (once oil is heated). Don't scramble the whites, let them begin to cook like an omelette. Once the bottom is beginning to cook, toss a small handful of large flake oats into the whites. Flip, cook... voila.

And trust me, it's magically delicious. It has flavour of both something savoury as well as a baked good. It's filling, it's lean and it's healthy. A great addition to your day.

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