Every good strength training program needs to be changed up now and then to spur change and growth in the muscle. A program I like to switch to, after too many weeks of doing full body 3 days/week, is the push/pull program. There a number of ways you can do the split, but I will cover a 2 day split program. This means your program will be divided into two days, and you can train four days / week. The idea behind the push/pull program is basically training opposite muscle groups on different days, or those used for pushing exercises vs. pulling. Squats, chest presses, overhead presses, crunches and tricep dips are all push exercises, for example. Hamstring curls, lat pulls / rows, reverse flyes, back extensions and bicep curls are all pull exercises. Basically, the push muscles press your body weight away from the resistance, or vice versa, during the concentric contraction. The pull exercises have the weight or resistance approach the body during the concentric contraction.

Here is a sample of such a program:

DAY ONE (PULL): Standing Cable Row (lats and rhomboids) Hamstring Curls on the Ball (hamstrings) Rear Delt Dumbbell Flyes (rear delts) Lower Back Extensions (lower erector spinae) Hammer Curls (biceps)

DAY TWO (PUSH): Standing Cable Chest Press (pectorals) Bulgarian Split Squats (quads and glutes) Alternating Overhead Press (anterior delts) Weighted Ball Crunch (abdominals) Reverse Crunch (abdominals) Overhead Cable Triceps Extensions (triceps)

Again - this program is just a sample to demonstrate the division of muscle groups. Some exercises are better for some people than others. Have your trainer design something that is specific to your needs.

*feature photo found at www.health.howstuffworks.com *inset photo found at www.theringwoodclinic.blogspot.com