Every repetitive activity or sport requires specialized training. I've had the honour (and challenge) of correcting cyclists' anatomies and training them for comfortable rides, and even memorable finish lines.

The things cyclists need to beware of, because of their crouched position and repeatedly bent legs, are a weak upper back (dominant chest and shoulders), weak lower back (therefore a weak core), tight hip flexors and tight hamstrings.

So, when training a cyclist, a trainer needs to: -Strengthen the sub-scapular muscles in the upper back (one arm cable rows) -Strengthen the lower body for endurance and power (wall squats 3 min +, isometric hold bosu squats, jump squats, etc) -Strengthen the core for balance and unpredictable instability (a plank feet with on bosu and forearms on ball is great) -Strengthen the lower back in isolation to maintain range of motion in the lower spine (lower back extensions) -Keep the hip flexors well stretched out (warrior one and crescent pose in yoga are both fantastic) -Keep the hamstrings very well stretched out (have trainer perform PNF stretching on your hamstrings)

If you have any questions about this list, take it to a trainer, or go ahead and shoot over your confusion. I will elaborate on popular questions.

Cycling is such an incredibly satisfying form of cardiovascular activity. If you are using it for wellness or fat loss, and not for sport, you still need to consider this kind of training, and also make that you are training in the right zone (as it can be easy to coast or cycle too leisurely). Contact a professional for further advice. Happy riding!

*photo found at www.huongviettravel.com