(Not Juice the dog, there is no alternative to her.) A lot of people get sick of water for a refreshing drink that is hydrating. We often grab bottled juice from stores, or pop (please no - 16 teaspoons of sugar in one serving!). Fruit juice often has additives and preservatives, for one thing, but even when you're drinking the pure stuff, it is robbing you of the fibre of the full fruit. And since it goes down easier, we consume more of it. 6oz. is a serving. Remember, the more sugar you consume, the more sugar you crave. And, if you consume sugar in the morning, you can bet you will be craving it periodically throughout the rest of your day - that means fighting that overwhelming urge to hit the vending machine, or the cookies sitting around the office. Skip your morning glass of orange juice, and replace it with iced green tea. Mm, so fresh and delicious. Make a large pot of the tea as normal, let it cool, then toss it in a pitcher and into the fridge with ice.

If you MUST, add a teaspoon of honey (at least it delivers some antioxidants to compliment the disease-fighting punch you're getting from the tea). But, add your honey by the glass, and not to the whole batch, because your taste buds will adapt to the tea and you will most likely enjoy it without sugar!

This is a great alternative to lemonade for guests as well (really, most beverages other than milk and water are just unnecessary calories, and horrible challengers to our appetite control). When blood sugar levels are stable, you lose fat. When they spike and drop, you gain it. Seems easy, right? GIVE UP THE JUICE!