Q: If I could only do one workout, out of yoga, pilates, cardio or strength training, what should it be? A: This answer has two parts. The thing that will work for you the best is whatever you LIKE the best. Why? Because you will do it more consistently and frequently. And the more you move, the better! But, if you like all of the above equally and are very results-driven, well then I would have to say that circuit training, which combines cardiovascular bursts (such as burpees and mountain climbers) with multifunctional strength moves (think lunge with bicep curl, chest press in a bridge position) is the most effective way to train. You're getting more work done for your time, you're conditioning your heart for both endurance and H.I.I.T (high intensity interval training), as well as strengthening your muscles and protecting your joints for sustainable fitness and wellness.

Benefits of Circuit Training:

- improves blood circulation - improves cardiovascular endurance - improves muscular endurance - preserves and protects joints - regenerates cells (think anti-aging) - increases resting metabolic rate (more fat burning) - fat loss - improves physical efficiency overall, balance and agility - re-shapes, tightens and lifts the body - fights depression - boosts mood - encourages learning to eat for fuel - BANG for BUCK: The most physical improvement in the least amount of time.

Personally, I like to dabble in power yoga, pilates and steady state cardio sessions, on top of my principle commitment to circuit training. Balance and variety is important and keeps things interesting.

But every single person should be doing some circuit training at least twice a week. You can't argue with results I've seen in hundreds of clients over the years. The most effective exercise to do is that which prioritizes overall fitness level improvement, and packs it into one workout. If you would like an introduction to high efficiency workouts, or a complimentary first workout, shoot me an email here.