There is a percentage of the population (I'm 26 soon, and still trying to figure out a ball-park of what the percentage is - interesting from this point of view on the age meter) that still thinks that being rebellious for no reason, risking death for no reason, being maniacally obnoxious, is cool. Not clever, these types, but I suppose they give the rest of us something else to talk about. Well now I'm just really looking for their purpose upon our planet. Because there are thousands of other things I would be content discussing... Drunken 19 year-olds choose to drive when they can't control their eyes from being in two directions at once, and people soaked in arrogance weave in and out on the highway going twice the speed limit - simply because they want to stand out among the practical and patient rest of the population. Hey, I'm all for contrast. But, isn't it just a bit stupid?

Well, speaking of stupid: KFC has come out with a new sandwich to rebel against the health movement in the US. Some Americans (let's be honest) tend to like expressing their pride of what they are, no matter what they are. And their rep of being gluttonous, (instead of motivating the challenging role) has incited the response of "Yeah, so??" from the obnoxious population. A defensive, pride-filled response. KFC manifested this response with the Double Down. Please see the link.

*Let me briefly explain that these are not anti-American sentiments I'm expressing. This type of attitude exists everywhere, but I am discussing Americans as this sandwich is released exclusively in the US as some sort of, well, flag. Ahem.

Have you ever watched somebody die from drunk driving? You've seen the photos, right? Have you seen the car accidents on the highways that have stricken those passengers who are obnoxious and impatient, weaving in and out of the order? Have you ever sat at someone's side while their body has been taken over and devoured by heart disease? Have you seen someone struggle post-stroke or heart attack, never knowing exactly when their body might be struck again suddenly and when the world for that person might close down suddenly? The photos of this sandwich make me want to cry. It's important to not take life too seriously, to have a sense of humour, and to indulge a little. But actively trying to get as much trans fats and salt into a meal, to rebel against the evidence that it quickly murders our bodies (and obviously SELVES), is just so obnoxious and irritating.

I don't know the meaning of life, or of the individuals' place on the planet. But I know that being healthy leads to happiness, leads to productivity, leads to more happiness, leads to more purpose. I KNOW we need balance in everything, including between smart and stupid people. But I have to rant anyway. When companies that FEED people begin to possess qualities of the most arrogant, obnoxious and carelessly murderous people we know... I become a little bit worried.

Do me a favour, and don't put this thing into your pure, intricately-composed human body. (The only remaining things I have to say would be deeply profane.) Now I'm all frustrated, knotted up and need to go for a run. Grunt.