In the honour of a new client who remarked: "People have been telling me that weights are more important than cardio for fat loss." This is what I explained: First of all, this industry is probably one in which so many people think they know the absolute answer. "It's diet!" "It's cardio!" Try to quiet the voices around you... understand that many people have strong opinions, but that it's not necessarily what's going to work for you (and this doesn't just apply to this very topic).

Secondly, understand that each component has its role and its place in a lean, healthy and fit body. Cardio strengthens your heart. The best cardio programs train the heart's endurance (the ability to be at an increased, yet comfortable level for a sustainable period of time), and also its recovery (with the use of intervals, the ability to hit a higher level, and then bring the heart rate back down quickly and safely). The endurance ensures that your heart will perform well with everything that you do in life, including your strength training, long walks, raking, mowing, activities in BED (honestly, just trying to use what will apply to everybody!), and intervals fine-tune your ability to avoid being out of breath after climbing stairs, running to catch a bus, running after your kids (or dog who has bolted out the front door - AHEM)... Strength training is necessary to increase muscle mass, thereby increasing the metabolic rate. It ensures that muscles are strong enough to protect the joints to avoid arthitis, injury, or any other physical discomforts or limitations. While strength training, your heart rate is also elevated. When you're strength training properly, you will also attain cardiovascular gains. Strength creates SHAPE and FIRMNESS, if we want to discuss aesthetic benefits... Finally, it increases strength. And never underestimate how amazing it feels to be strong! Nutrition is a way of getting in everything that we need, which also enables the body to dismiss that which we dont (excess fat, toxicity).

Nutrition, strength training and cardio need to be respected in their separate categories, but they also are a web of assistants to one another. We need all of these things working together for OPTIMAL fat loss. To sum up, cardio conditions the heart, burns calories and ensures that we get the most from our strength training. Strength training boosts the metabolic rate, makes our cardio stronger and builds lean muscle mass. Proper nutrition ensures that our cell function is top-notch, that we are well-fueled and lean, as the body sheds the fat it does not need, as it is receiving what it does.

The good news is you don't need to eat perfectly, you don't need to log hours and hours and hours on a treadmill, and you don't need hours of strength training. Learn to do it all properly, for life, and your body will be at its most efficient (and its most aesthetically appealing)!