We're all a little tired of inspirational quotes on the internet, and all of this hokey shit. But, I'm taking this in a bit of a different direction. I want people to share their dark stuff to show us how they gained light. We, humans, are pretty funny in our quest for perfection - sometimes leading us to the farthest edges from it. We're bombarded with images and headlines that seem to offer this concept as if it is something realistic. If you went through life in peak perfection, without problems, setbacks or downfalls, what would you gain? Isn't that a stagnancy that would deter from the best of life's moments - the peaks made apparent by their valleys?

What is perfection? I mean, wouldn't perfection indicate some kind of uninterrupted bliss, pure and sustainable happiness? Isn't the overall goal in our lives to live as happily as possible, since we are conscious adults with an internal narrative as we move along through our lives?

I know, I know. Getting philosophical here. There are a lot of questions, and answers are subjective. But there are a couple of things I know, for and from my own experience in life. My mother said to me once: "We never really know things, we all kind of just fumble along through life." True. And recently, in a raw conversation with a great friend, I said to her: "We are not perfect and never will be. We're meant to make mistakes, reflect on and discuss them. We're better than perfect." And what I meant - and what my mother meant was that the fumbling around, the ebbs and flows, the mistakes we make along the way and our raw acknowledgment of them are the richest things. They make us incredibly lucky, actually. Lucky to deconstruct them and lucky to gain enlightenment from them.

Over the next little while I plan to showcase various people's experiences and how they've found strength, peace, and enriched lives from their setbacks. There's ZERO question in my mind that living outside yourself and your own self-absorption leads to the strongest stream of happiness. Taking care of others is what makes human beings happiest, and I've drawn this conclusion based on every soul I've ever known. Those who work outside themselves beam and float, and those who are too egocentric sink.

So, this project is to demonstrate first of all that we're all going through the same shit. That since we are, the pressures we place on ourselves to be perfect are unnecessary. And, that having other life experiences shared with us make us feel pretty great - happy. Ups and downs and ins and outs aren't perfect, they make us all better than perfect. It's time to go there and trump the images and headlines geared toward perfection. Let's revel in our fumbles, and be even better.