Many of the major fast food chains came out with a yogurt parfait as a healthier alternative. First of all, let me de-bunk one major myth (to disappoint you all) - granola is rarely healthy. It is often very high in sugar and fat. If you make it yourself and control what's in it, that is another matter. The yogurt parfaits in these restaurants and even grocery stores use artificially sweetened yogurt which has unnatural things in it and a ton of sugar, on top of its often "glazed" fruit (again higher in sugar than natural fruit) and then this high-fat, high-sugar granola. What do you have? A sugar high, an insulin nightmare... and therefore a begging for fat storage and energy lows.

A REAL healthier alternative:

Use 1-2% plain yogurt. It's real, with few to no additives, clean, and has active bacterial culture. Not only the brands that advertise having this culture do have it (I have a very strong distaste for Activia - marketing gods with little nutritional bang). Use fresh or frozen raspberries or blueberries. Mmm. Natural sugars (fructose), FIBRE, antioxidants and no disgustingly concocted sugary glaze to go with. A few tablespoons of walnuts, pieces or whole, to add some healthy fat and essential fatty acids (great for proper brain function, cell function, fat burning, shiny hair.........)

It's still delicious. It tastes REAL. Try it. And bypass the manipulative restaurant chains and eat some real food at home more often, in general. More bang for your buck, nutritionally and financially.