I often have quick post ideas - how to tweak certain exercises, what to eat before and after workouts (this one is coming soon), but then some days I wake up just bursting with other things to say. One thing we all have in common is that no matter where we live, what our landscapes look like in terms of luck or affluence or a lack thereof, we all experience ups and downs as humans. We all have chapters a bit more difficult than the others, and then they are usually followed by lighter, happier ones. For most of us, after having been down, we are then up, and so the cycle repeats.

Yesterday with a client I was smacked with the realization of how important some of my downs are to me. How they contribute to my biggest ups. How VALUABLE they are to my career and person.

Frequently in this work participants are busting through physical barriers and doing a ton of self work. Because our physical and mental selves are so closely tied, what sometimes accompanies this is the untying and re-sorting of internal knots. Or in other words, things can come to a head and then be followed by alleviating problem solving. This is one of the most amazing things that happens in wellness and in fitness. This can happen each hour in my work. If someone breaks down in my studio, I sure as hell want to know that I am going to know exactly how to listen, to receive those emotions, and to coach this person. Sometimes when we go through strange times, we wonder exactly what those difficulties serve us. When everyone says "there is a reason for this, you'll find out later," occasionally, even if these are words you've uttered yourself, you can be skeptical of this truth if circumstances are disjointed enough.

Sometimes if you are feeling alienated, misunderstood or at the very least distrusting, there might be a reason you're being pushed deeper in toward yourself. There might be a reason you're being pushed in a particular direction. If you don't see it right away, I'll tell you what I'm pretty positive is a highlighting fact: these difficult times help you to empathize with others. Someday someone is going to need you, and if you've wrestled through some s*it, you are going to have a whole lot of purpose. The puzzle pieces click, you've turned something awful into something great by being able to be a platform for someone else who needs you. You don't get to choose who or what you are needed by, but what needs you will become your new purpose.

I'll try to simplify this. If you've been served with some difficulty, try to remember that its reason will brighten up in front of you one day. You will take what you've felt and be able to apply it with such luminosity to a place that will serve you as greatly as others. We are nothing without challenge, we don't get anywhere helpful to ourselves or to anyone else if we don't experience some things that are either unfair or straight up unfortunate. It's vital and of great value. And you can't force figuring these things out, but do trust that they will untangle in front of you one day!

I feel lucky to do what I love, to be trusted, and to have some insights into things that we all share. There's a great connectivity to be gained from our challenging moments. And these push us ALL forward.

And next post, I'll try to be less emphatic and more technical, because #balance.