I am beginning a new series of posts that will go up about once a month: BnW. I'll be posting the best and worst choices of popular restaurants and fast food joints - the ones, that is, that disclose their nutrition information. All of the following information is attainable HERE.

This is a daunting task. Looking over some of the numbers actually makes me really sad, and really anxious. People are shovelling these items in their body at an alarming rate… But I suppose the good news is, there are some options that won't pummel you into an uncomfortable body and a shortened lifespan.

Okay, let's start with the WORST options, top five (all based upon fat content):

Angus Mushroom and Swiss, 40g / fat, 770 calories Double Quarter Pounder w/ Cheese, 42g / fat, 740 calories Chicken Select Premium Breast Strips (5), 38 / fat, 640 calories Sausage Biscuit with Egg, 37g / fat, 570 calories ALL of the Big Breakfasts! Ranging between 48-60g / fat, 740-1150 calories (WHAT???)

*I have to add here, it was hard to pick just 5. Most items are in the 20-40g range.

BEST options (based again upon fat content with nutrition): Premium Caesar Salad (w/ chicken), NO DRESSING, 5g / fat, 190 calories Chipotle BBQ Chicken Snack Wrap (grilled), 8g / fat, 250 calories Premium Grilled Chicken Classic Sandwich, NO SAUCE, 9g / fat, 350 calories Fruit and Maple Oatmeal without Brown Sugar, 4.5g / fat, 260 calories Egg McMuffin, 12g / fat, 300 calories (to lessen fat content, ask for no cheese and no butter) I left the yogurt parfait out because of its sugar content. YUCK.

Okay, there you have it. The reality is, it's difficult to get bang for buck at McDonald's - you are always better off packing a lunch when you have the option. I will never lie to you, not even if they paid me! Hopefully they will continue to change their ways, and offer MORE real food, and less artery-clogging fare.

*image fount at www.inspectyourbrand.com