Reading the nutrition list for Subway restaurants, as with many other restaurants, takes a detective. All sandwiches listed are for 6 inch sandwiches, on 9-grain bread, and don't include values for cheese or condiments. So, if you peruse their information yourself, please bear this in mind. You can find all of the info HERE.

I am going to have to divide this into categories. We will do the Bests and Worsts of the breads, of the condiments, the sandwiches, and then I will recommend some combinations.

BREADS (Order based upon calories and fat content, 6 inch - please note just because it says wheat or looks more brown does not mean that it has enough whole grains to make it better than white) Bests: 9-grain - 210 cal, 2g fat Italian / White - 200 cal, 2g fat Hearty Italian - 210 cal, 2.5g fat

Worsts: Monterey Cheddar - 240 cal, 6g fat Flatbread - 220 cal, 4.5g fat Wrap - 310, 8g fat (probably the Atkins one that is avail at select locations - another lesson that Atkins is terrible)

Now, let's put this together with the sandwiches. Remember, they are valued using 9-grain bread and do not include toppings, cheese or condiments.

SANDWICHES Bests: Turkey Breast - 280 cal, 4g fat Black Forest Ham - 290, 4.5g fat Veggie Delite - 230 cal, 2.5g fat (*Another note - almost all sandwiches are around 800mg of sodium which is just gross - and that is, again, before cheese and condiments and PICKLES or OLIVES or BANANA PEPPERS which make it skyrocket. The Veggie Delite has 310 - probably from the bread alone.)

Worsts: Chicken and Bacon Ranch Melt - 570 cal, 28g fat Spicy Italian - 480 cal, 24g fat Tuna - 470 cal, 24g fat (I am now thinking of someone I know who orders a 12 inch on occasion… and my heart hurts) THE SODIUM VALUES IN THIS CATEGORY CAN EXCEED 1500mg PER 6 INCH SUB - BEFORE ADDITIONS!!!

Alright, let's move on to the cheeses and condiments. All the cheese are between 40-60 cal and 3.5-5g fat / slice. The American processed is the lowest, but I can't reasonably advise you to go that route. My advice would be skip it. Or, swiss tends to be higher in calcium.

CONDIMENTS Bests: Vinegar (!) - 0 cal, 0g fat Yellow Mustard - 5 cal, 0g fat Honey Mustard Sauce - (fat free) 30 cal, 0g fat

Worsts: Mayonnaise - 110 cal, 12g fat Ranch - 110 cal, 11g fat Chipotle Southwest Sauce - 100 cal, 10g fat (*Values are for 1 tbsp and a typical 6 inch gets about 3 tbsp)

So, let's do the math. If you grab a 12 inch Chicken and Bacon Ranch Melt, on Monterey Cheddar, with cheddar cheese and ranch dressing, you are looking at a minimum of 1540 cal, 95g fat.

I'll let you swallow before revealing the healthier choices.

A 6 inch sandwich with Turkey, no cheese and no sauce, just fresh (not pickled) vegetables, will be a minimum of 280 cal and 4g fat. Have that with a Minestrone that totals 90 cal and 1g fat, and you have a total of 370 cal and 5g fat - a much more reasonable lunch.

Another quick tip for salads, soups and cookies: Each cookie is around 220 cal and 10g fat. JUST SKIP IT. The soups that start with the word "creamy" are 220+ cal and 12-14g fat. SKIP. The salads are all 300 cal, 3.5g fat and UNDER, but if you get ranch salad dressing you are adding 290 cal and 30 (YES, THIRTY) grams of fat.

And my very last note is - I am not a carb hater. But each 6 inch is the equivalent of around 2 slices of bread, meaning a 12 inch is 4-5. There is no place for a 12 inch sub in a healthy person's world. Balance always rules all.

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