Here we are again - another helpful guide for what to opt for and what to avoid while stuck in a fast food joint. All of the following information is found here. Please remember, the choice is ultimately yours. It is my job to advise people what kind of choices to make in order to protect their health. But I am simply providing the information the company itself provides.

The website isn't easy to maneuver. You have to select every single item, and customize it, in order to get its info. After trying to put all of the items on the screen to compare, the website not-so-kindly booted me out of my list. A few times.

So, keeping the items in their simple form WITHOUT toppings is how I'm going to tackle this one. And I'm not putting things into categories, I'll have to treat it a bit simpler. I'll give you a few good options in the "Bests" category, and I'll list off what to avoid, overall.

WORST Double Baconator: 970 cal, 63g fat, 2020mg sodium (!!!) Hot N' Juicy 3/4 lb. Triple: 1060 cal, 67g fat, 2020mg sodium Bacon Deluxe Double: 890 cal, 56g fat, 1840g sodium BLT Cobb Salad: 650 cal, 46g fat, 2048mg sodium Apple Pecan Chicken Salad: 560 cal, 27g fat, 1540mg sodium Spicy Chicken Caesar Salad: 760 cal, 49g fat, 1980mg sodium Baja Chicken Salad: 730 cal, 47g fat, 1970mg sodium

Hm. I could have made this post all about salads...

The Frosty drinks are around 600 cal and 14g fat… for a SMALL. Draw your own conclusion.

BEST Junior Hamburger: 250 cal, 10g fat, 620mg sodium Grill Chicken Go Wrap: 260 cal, 10g fat, 730mg sodium Chili, Small: 210 cal, 6g fat, 880mg sodium.

Yikes, this is tricky. I'm not trying to really diss the company, but unfortunately I don't have a lot to be able to recommend, for health. The garden side salad still has 13g fat… I guess if you choose it without dressing, it's an okay option.

If you are stuck, starving, and Wendy's is your go-to, I would choose the chili and side garden salad without dressing. Most of the items are incredibly high in fat and sodium, and our bodies are really not appreciative of these things...

I am a bit discouraged. All I can do is hope some changes might be made to their menu in the future, to help overcome the obesity epidemic and all of the health problems that come with it. *sigh