Who doesn't love pizza? And Pizza Pizza is probably the shop we see the most of! So, allow yourself to be informed on what your best and worst picks are. All of my info was attained HERE.

I will begin with walk-in slices, and the BESTS to start on a positive note (though these ginormous slices of pizza are ALL high in fat and calories). NOTE: I am judging by fat and calorie content, though be advised the sodium amount in all of these slices varies between 1100 and 2300mg of sodium - which is too much for a normal day. Walk In Slices BESTS: Cheese - 580 cal, 16g fat Garden Veggie w classic dough - 590 calories, 16g fat Sweet Chili Chicken - 660 calories, 17g fat

WORSTS: Bacon Chicken Mushroom Melt - 880 calories, 44g fat Meat Supreme - 780 calories, 33g fat TIE: Canadian EH! and Big Bacon Bonanza - 720 calories, 30g fat

This probably gives you a good idea about what to order and what to avoid when ordering your pizza as well.

The website actually provides "healthy" recommendations which I agree are the best options. If you order a medium pizza, choose one of these varieties and stick to two slices (values given are for two slices):

Chicken, Red Pepper and Onion on whole wheat multigrain - 430 calories, 11g fat Grilled Veggie and Goat Cheese on whole wheat multigrain - 430 calories, 12g fat Garden Veggie on whole wheat multigrain - 410 calories, 10g fat Garden Veggie on regular classic - 410 calories, 9g fat Trip Pommodoro on whole wheat multigrain - 420 calories, 11g fat Large Garden Salad with raspberry vinaigrette - 110 calories, 4g fat

General rules for having your takeout pizza and avoiding fat gain, too: 1. Order thin crust 2. Skip the meat! It's not good quality anyway, and adds tons of saturated fat. If you must, choose chicken. 3. Pick off some cheese here and there, you can save hundreds of calories and globs of fat. 4. Order a salad with it so you're filled up somewhat on crunchy, water-filled lettuce and need less pizza (stop at 2) to become satiated. 5. DON'T YOU DARE DRINK A POP. :)

5 Reasons To Make Your Own: 1. You don't have to wait for the delivery person. 2. You don't have to answer the door in your pajamas. 3. It tastes better. 4. You control what goes in and on it. 5. It tastes better.

Use whole wheat pizza dough from the bakery, or a whole wheat crust from the grocery store. Go easy on the cheese and heavy on the vegetables. Hell, add shrimp! Whatever you want. A nice clean meal, and that pizza craving is kicked.