Sandwiches are always healthy, right?Okay, Atkins came in and told everybody that's wrong. But we all know Atkins was wrong, too. Right? Hope so!

It's all about making the effort to choose the healthiest option, given what you're working with. Forget your lunch, and all you have around your office is a Quiznos? Well then, I'll help you decipher what the best and worst choices you could make will be. I've used the information Quiznos provides, which you can find here.

These salads fall in the bests category if you skip the dressing. If you have the dressing, they fall in the worsts. Values based on size large. If you have a salad wrap, add about 8g/fat and 300 calories.

BESTS Harvest Chicken Salad - 9g fat, 250 calories (w/ Acai Vinaigrette dressing, 29g fat, 510 calories, 790mg sodium)

Peppercorn Caesar with Chicken - 7g fat, 200 calories (w/ Caesar dressing, 62g fat. 740 calories, 1620mg sodium)

The Traditional Sandwich (no cheese or dressing, regular size) - 10g fat, 490 calories

If you are making your own sub, choose the following:

Artisan Wheat Bread (regular size) - 4g fat, 290 calories Yellow Mustard - 1.5g fat, 25 calories Turkey Breast - 2.5g fat, 110 calories OR Ham -2.5g fat, 120 calories 3 Cheese Blend - 4g fat, 50 calories

Add that up, and a turkey sandwich can be 12g fat, 475 calories.


Like I mentioned, the salad wraps can be deadly. For instance:

Mediterranean Chicken Wrap - 71g fat, 1080 calories, 2520mg sodium Peppercorn Chicken Caesar Wrap - 70g fat, 1050 calories, 2350mg sodium

All sandwich values include cheese and dressing, for regular size:

Meatball Sandwich - 56g fat, 950 calories, 2160mg sodium Chicken Carbonara - 44g fat, 920 calories, 2070mg sodium Baja Chicken - 47g fat, 970 calories, 2670mg sodium French Dip - 48g fat, 880 calories, 2890mg sodium Prime Rib Philly - 45g fat, 890 calories, 3290mg sodium Chili in a bread bowl - 24g fat, 840 calories, 2030mg sodium

Bear in mind that sauteed veggies have about 4g fat / serving, and the guacamole adds another 8g and 90 calories.

Hopefully this can provide you with some guidance for lessening the blow of the fast food world!