photo-59 Listen - I'm going to be very honest. After having some time off - time filled with lethargy, laziness and food comas - getting back in the swing of a routine can feel like pushing a boulder up a very steep hill. Going from elaborate celebratory breakfasts back to oats, flax and berries (although to be honest that sounds pretty great right now) is not always easy. I always tell my clients that we snowball in both directions, yet the unhealthy way is steadfast downhill, and the healthy adjustments are heavier and uphill. This is because, well, sugar and fats are addictive. The industries do it on purpose, right? Most of us know this by now. These heavier, "celebratory" food items are addictive. So, the more of them you have, the more of them you want (and feel that you NEED). The taste buds adjust to these fake foods, their flavours and additives. And healthy foods can start to taste bland in comparison. But they adjust back! They do!

The first step is to know this. Know that you might be stuck in a bit of a trap. Ready yourself for a bit of force in the right direction. Plug your nose and swallow, if you must, because soon you will be swooning and twirling (okay boys, maybe not twirling) over the delicious and cell-rejuvenating foods your body TRULY craves.

Secondly, when it comes to activity, you can break back into it a little bit more slowly if you must. Every little bit you do makes a huge difference. You don't have to dive in at the same 5x / week you might have been doing pre-December health meltdown. Each day, be a little more active than the day before. This is vitally important, as you certainly don't want to be that person who hits the workouts so hard, only to fall off and feel even LESS motivated than ever before. A gradual build is better for the body, more gratifying and keeps the motivation high. But your heart DOES need that work, your pores DO need to sweat, your cells need that oxygen. Exercise is the fastest way to feel strong, light, powerful, healthy, happy and generally in the greatest zone of living.

I do believe that when everything outside is dead and frozen over, it is even MORE important for us to be acting our most alive. You have to maintain your energy throughout the winter by putting some effort into it. Nothing gets the heart beating and eyes glowing more than strength and good health. So hell yeah, it's worth a bit of a push through your post-holiday resistance right now.

Suck back some spinach and lift something - and let's enjoy another great year of swapping accomplishments, vitality and the best life experience.