You know how when you're driving on ice in the winter, they tell you not to fight it too hard when you lose control? How in yoga, you are urged to "flow with the changes, good or bad, in your body"? How it is better to act calm in the face of a predatory creature? Basically, there are some energies that we must learn to WORK with, as terrifying as change and opposition can sometimes be. Adapting to change is one of the strongest survival mechanisms, and one of the most powerful factors in having a happy and successful life.

I'm not here to preach. But we all need to be reminded of this (myself included after a recent big change) - we all reach points in our lives where circumstances around us are suddenly flipped on their heads. Breakups, divorce (excuse me as I pause to watch news that Heidi Klum and Seal have split - what?!) job loss, relocation, illness, death - all of these situations can cause deep, underlying stress and sometimes panic. It can entirely change the future path we'd grown so comfortable visualizing. But here's the reality - our worlds are going to flip more than once in a lifetime. Your only option is to sit on your own head right beside it! Or what I mean to say is, you must go with the flow. You must accept change, no matter what, and move with what life gives you.

I'm not suggesting you be entirely fake and insensitive and pretend you haven't been affected. Of course, there are many complicated feelings - and the frustrating concept of time that we must stare in the face, urging onward like watching a pot of water inching toward boiling point…

Here's where my real point comes in: Almost everything in life is seldom controllable by us. Taking care of your body is the one thing that you can control. See yourself to your exercise every day. Take yourself on a date to a healthy meal. Because those big things, some of them, are going to change for each one of us. And we won't be ready. But just like our bodies are trained to handle the bumps on the streetcar, preventing our falls, our strong and adaptive selves will be able to handle the figurative bumps in the road.