I'll keep this short and 'sweet'. I suppose I'll never be sponsored and pose in a Milk ad after this - (sigh). But my clients will be clever and fit for life.

There are chocolate milk ads all over the place touting the product to be a great post-workout replenishment (ad placement includes the washroom stalls at the gym!). Sure, it has carbohydrates (uhhh, 27 grams of sugar per 1 cup, to be exact). And yes, it has some protein (8 grams per 1 cup). There is some fat to round it out (3 grams per cup). So, it does offer some balance and will pick you back up after a hard strength workout.

That being said, I'm about to list off the ingredients:

(Remember that an ingredient list begins with that used the most, and ends with that used the least.)

*Partly skimmed milk, SUGAR/glucose-fructose, cocoa, SALT, carrageenan, colour (our bodies aren't paint), artifical flavour, vitamin A palmitate, vitamin D3.

*Brand used is Gay Lea's 1% Chocolate Milk.

Of course we all have the liberty to read ingredient lists when we feel like it, but we more often listen to these ad campaigns telling us certain products are "healthy". I would just really like to inform those of you who may not have known. I would not call chocolate milk a health food or a good training tool. It is a good way to get kids to consume calcium if they are avoiding milk... But if you're looking for a great post workout snack, try white milk, the natural sugars from a banana and a small handful of almonds - far more nutritional bang for your buck.