This comes up with clients almost every single day.

With our ability to access and get intimate with the details of each other's lives, those we know and do not know, comes a lot of positive outcome. Such as generating inspiration, getting new ideas from others, making connections, and ultimately feeling motivated to redesign endlessly. Whether that redesign be for our minds, bodies, lifestyle landscape or living rooms. 

The downside, as obvious as it may seem, is that in a world that already dishes out pressure to rise and match others to remain feeling relevant, the pressure can be exacerbated with all of this access to the achievements (and sometimes fabricated or at least optically buffed achievements) of others. We are running our personas like a business. We are marketing our lives. And we are sometimes so aggressively viewing and evaluating those around us, and trying to match certain portrayals, that we are compromising our true selves.  In doing so, we are ripping off the world of a pretty valuable package!

You, uniquely you, contribute to our diversity.  Your workout does not need to look like anyone else's, nor does your body.  Your body will look AND feel amazing when - and only when - it is doing what is right for it individually. When we live always striving to hit a level or fit a mould of another, we end up living an almost artificial existence, skimming the surface. Not only that, but we might be skipping over important work that we need to do for our individuality both when it comes to workouts, and when it comes to personality.  How do you get the most out of life? Being your true self, and allowing yourself to improve and evolve in a way that's purely for you. 

Seeking inspiration and lending it to your evolution is great. Just make sure that you're not skipping ahead and thus landing in a position where you might have more voids, because you're following an "un-you" path.

Sometimes I'll have clients send me videos of fancy and fun-looking exercises, but as a trainer who knows their biomechanics, I have to say - just because this looks exciting and effective for this person, does not mean that it's meant for you. It doesn't mean one person is better than the other. We are all so intrinsically different and need to respect our individual strength and weakness, and be comfortable finding the right FIT for us.

Workouts, and otherwise. And when you find the right fit, in a workout, in a style, in supporting your authentic personality, in a counterpart... there is no better feeling. It's worth taking time to question whether the things we are striving toward are really meant for our individuality, or whether we'll be squashing a more important part of ourselves in the process.