I am a bit behind the times. I avoided a lot of education about the chemicals in my beauty products, because I have such an extensive collection and the idea of overhauling it was incredibly daunting. I mean, being attached to beauty products is unhealthy in itself (hello, victim of marketing schemes much?) - but I have finally become too uncomfortable with the concept of parabens disrupting my hormones to be able to continue. I wasn't ready before, and now I am. Somehow I've accumulated all this STUFF over the years.  If you want anything before it's donated, come grab it! So embarrassing.

Did you know that parabens are found in breast cancer tumors in 19 out of 20 women? I've been studying ewg.org's Skin Deep website and am finally beginning to learn a ton of information that someone who works in wellness really needs to know! It's not just what we put in our mouths that matters - we absorb a ton of harmful ingredients through the skin. I mean, it seeps in there like water. Don't be fooled. Our skin is one hungry organ, it is not a shield.

I am beginning by changing my skin care and hair care. This is all I can muster to begin with. Of course, I will soon have to stop using my favourite perfumes (heart-breaking) and makeup. But to make sure that this change sticks, and that I find out enough about alternative products and am well-informed about the harmful ones - enough to teach my clients and, well, all of you - I have to do what I can manage and do it permanently.

So, I will be updating everyone here with my progress. I will disclose everything. Posting this photo of all of these hardly used beauty products is humiliating enough, and a good start. I've switched over to Hugo Naturals shampoo and conditioner, and have replaced my cleanser, toothpaste and eye makeup remover to those of Green Beaver. I'm going to try a deodorant by Weleda. My moisturizers are coconut oil and almond oil. No more slathering vaseline on my lips before bed! Oil is so much more luxurious.


Some of the products are on their way in the mail, but I tried out the shampoo and conditioner yesterday. I do have very stubborn hair (I did go blond for about a week, 5 months ago, and it hasn't let me forget that every time I try to brush it), so I think it will take adjusting - but, well worth the struggle in my opinion. While trying to brush, my hand was borderline cramping and I almost considered why people who use natural shampoo often end up with dreads... Okay, that was a joke. Long story short, once it was all detangled, it smelled lovely and was shiny and, whether it be psychological or not, felt so CLEAN. So free of harmful toxins, and that was enough to feel beautiful for me.

Post shower with Hugo Naturals - the man who is winning against the desire of my hair colourist. (I'm sorry, Kristopher!)

I am very on board with the idea (perhaps in my 28 going on 30 state) of getting by with less, and feeling beautiful in a more natural way. I'm not really interested in being clogged and covered, and in faking anything. I'm not interested in having products taking up 1/4 the space of my apartment. And I admire women who get by with less, there is something more luminescent about them, surely.

And ultimately, at the end of the day (I've always said it), people who are healthy are by far the most attractive, happy and "beautiful". So, this process does not only apply to women. We all use products - from deodorants, to shampoo, to makeup and lotions. This education applies to everyone (boys, phthalates are linked to male reproductive disorders!)

This is my intro post on this transition of mine, but as I learn more, I will be sharing all of it with you so that you can make an educated decision, as well. You can either avoid it until you're ready, as I did, or jump right in and join me in making sure we are healthy and beautiful from the INSIDE-OUT. If you want to get a head start, please check out EWG's website (the link is above). They are really saving us in so many ways, as we've been lost in a world of ingredient lists we can barely understand.

I'll let you know next week how my experience with my new products has gone. I wonder how quickly I'll fly through my coconut oil as it serves my needs for cooking, hair serum, eye cream, moisturizer, etc... Hell, it smells amazing. Maybe it'll even replace my beloved Marc Jacobs, Prada, Dior and Chanel perfumes one day. Oh, I just had a flutter of panic. That's enough for now!