People might think it sounds kooky, but having a strong core relates directly to one's confidence level. The core is the power centre - responsible for all of our limb movement. It is the source of our movement, just as confidence is the source of our progressive capabilities in life. So, by strengthening our cores, we strengthen our confidence, and confidence takes care of attaining what we deserve and what we need to be most successful and happy in life. So, is your trunk feeling balanced and strong right now? And are you, then, feeling strong and confident? I like for clients to check in on this. When you properly engage your core, it changes the entire dynamic of an exercise. And when you have properly recruited and trained your core, it really changes the dynamic of how you go about running basic life operations!

I'm going to be posting some of my favourite core exercises over the next little while, to make sure everybody is operating at their best, in every avenue. Expect some plank variations, use of the Bosu (duh), stability ball, and lots of focus from the brain!

Happy Monday, go work hard, get sh*t done... be better.

This photo is from last year's trip to Colombia.  Bold for a few reasons, for me, but staying physically strong helps me check things off the life list.