When we're not really ready to focus, we use all kinds of excuses. Time, fatigue, stress...Ironically, investing in our bodies only makes more time my making us more productive, boosts our energy and without a doubt, fights stress better than most methods.

A popular system of excuses is one that blames the seasons. In the summer, it's patio season. We're away at cottages, sitting on patios after work instead of hitting the gym, making the most of it because it doesn't last long enough. In the winter, it's too cold, we're too cozy, we crave heavier foods because "wah", it's cold.

Whether you are happy and healthy in your body really comes down to your initial mindset. Summer can be a time for more activity, garden-fresh foods and more energy from longer daylight hours. Winter can be a great time to bust out that slow cooker for healthy chilis and stews, hit a hot yoga class, break a sweat to keep warm, or have more sex! If you make feeling great in your body a priority, you will find yourself being more opportunistic in whatever season you're in, rather than using that season as an excuse to scale back and avoid action.

At the end of the day, it's a matter of wanting it. Often when my clients are feeling discouraged or off-track, that's the only question I have to ask. Does it matter to you? Do you want it? Let's face it, feeling great in your body has you living an extraordinarily better life. Bring that fit-person lifestyle with you everywhere you go, through every season. If you stick it on a shelf and make excuses to go on living passively, the only one who's missing out is you - season after season.