We all experience having a few too many days in a row where our best intentions lie dormant. Maybe it's two days, maybe it's 6 months for some of you. It can be tricky to find the motivation to steer ourselves back on that course, when we are focused on other things and distracted.

Sometimes when work gets really busy, I don't put the same amount of energy and passion into my workouts. This results in me feeling more lethargic, discouraged and LESS-inclined to fix it. So when that happens, these are the motivating factors and thoughts that I highlight for myself to get moving and shovelling clean eats down my pie hole again:

1. Fighting Lethargy. The more lethargic you feel, the less you are able to get done and the more miserable you are. What is the number one way to fight lethargy? Well, to fight back, physically. To sweat, and to push through resistance. Push back against what's pushing you.

2. Clear Thinking at Work. I cannot work as productively and think as clearly when I'm in a more sluggish period of my own life. My workouts and nutrition keep me arriving at clients' houses bright-eyed and with a ton of energy to help them move through their workouts. Also, their workouts remain fresh and creative when I'm on top of my own wellness. This applies for absolutely any line of work. Clear thinking leads to productive gains.

3. Feeling Attractive. Feeling attractive is far more important than actually BEING attractive to others. As you move through life, you need to feel polished, and tightly held in. NO ONE is comfortable moving around and accomplishing things while excess body fat - stuff that doesn't belong there - is bulging out of your bra and over your jeans (or for guys, sagging at the front of your chest)! Let's be really honest. It doesn't feel good, it's a distraction, it zaps us with bad energy. It keeps us from feeling our best - and that's not a worthwhile way to go through life.

4. Better Influence. When others around me are struggling with health and nutrition, I know that by simply staying focused at my own goals, I can inspire others to make that same commitment to themselves. When I first got started thinking about eating better and exercising back in high school, it was from watching another friend hitting the gym consistently and diligently forming her meals. I really admired it. No nagging or lecturing required: simply follow a healthy lifestyle and be your best self, and you WILL inspire others around you to do the same.

5. Health Confidence. There are many lives affected by illness. People are losing loved ones every day. Sometimes, we just can't do anything about it. But, investing in your nutrition really helps to beat the odds of getting sick and living more miserably. Yes, I get back on track so that I can be energetic, think clearly at work, be a better trainer, encourage healthy habits in my loved ones and to feel and look better - but overall, it is to feel well and have better assurance that I am doing what I can to avoid illness. It is everyone's responsibility to do what they can for their health, longevity and quality of life.

So, perhaps the things that go through my head when I'm talking myself out of a funk may help you. If these things don't apply, just think for a moment about what motivates you the most. No matter how deep or how shallow that motivator is, it will get you moving and produce positive results in your life and in the lives of those around you. There is your exercise for the weekend.

No go eat some kale, while smiling.