If you're looking to drop 5-10 pounds before summer, you don't always need to resort to a complete lifestyle overhaul. Try these simple switches to see some movement on the scale (or more importantly, in your waistline) to have a happier, and fitter summer. Your morning latte: Switch to an herbal tea, or an americano with just a dash of nonfat milk.

Your breakfast bagel and cream cheese: Switch to one slice of whole grain toast and almond butter.

Your same-old, 20 minute cardio sesh: Do intervals! 1 minute at a high incline or speed, and lowering it to just below your normal speed for alternate minute.

Your same-old strength routine: Try a four-day split program - legs and core on day 1, upper body on day 2. Monday Day 1, Tuesday Day 2, Wednesday cardio only, Thursday Day 1, Friday Day 2. Change to your program can spur change in your body, and force you to be creative with new exercises. BONUS: It gets your butt in the gym (or working out) 4-5 days a week no matter what.

Your sandwich at lunch: Take the top slice of bread off, go sauce-less, and add more veggies, or a salad on the side.

Your favourite baked good snack / "treat": an apple and peanut butter!

Your trip to the candy bowl at the office: Stashing some dried mango at your desk. Stick to 4 strips.

Your diet pop (or real pop - both terrible): WATER with LEMON!

Your favourite take-out for dinner: Save half for lunch the next day.

Your favourite pasta dish: Have your heavier meal at lunchtime (when we need the energy), and a lighter "lunch"-like meal for dinner.

Your evening chow-down: An herbal tea, a brown rice cake and a slice of reduced-fat mozzarella / peanut butter / raspberry jam…

Your lounge on the couch session: Keep moving by doing some chores, some abdominal exercises, some stretches… while watching your favourite show.

Your salad: Dressing on the side. Dip your fork in the dressing, then stab a bunch of lettuce!

Your steak and cheese on your salad: Chickpeas and avocado

Your mayonnaise in your tuna: Avocado!

Your white bun: Ezekiel bread

Your 3 egg omelette: 2 egg whites, 1 full egg

Your noodle dish: Brown rice


Swap meat-filled meals with vegetarian and fish dishes at least 4 days / week.

Only choose 2 weeknights to have your glass of wine (pick your battles!) with dinner.

Cut down the patio, after-work or Saturday night binge-drinking (up to 4 or more) to only 1x / week. And try to stick to 4 drinks, with water in between each.

This doesn't fail. Even if you swap a few of these, they can provide a huge impact. So get on it, and move your way into a healthier, fitter and happier summer.