These three things are very intricately linked.When your energy is low, your mood is sour and you crave sugary or starchy things to get a quick boost back up. When your mood is in the pits, your energy is zapped and you crave sugary or starchy things for a superficial boost. When you're having too many sugary or starchy things, your energy will peak and crash and a bad mood will follow.

I know, it sounds like I'm talking to a kindergarten class. But hey, simple is as simple does. Right now, we're in the middle of winter. Most of us up here in the north haven't seen a moist, green leaf in a very long time and are definitely low in spirit-boosting sunshine. Think that would make us crave salads? Nah, more likely some mashed potatoes smothered in gravy and some chocolate cake. Be careful, though, about that "gateway" indulgence. This is just a gentle reminder. If your mood is low and you try to rectify it with the wrong foods, it's going to spur a very aggressive cycle keeping you low energy, grumpy and sad and stuffing yourself with dough and the like. The consequences can be fierce by the time spring comes around.

Try to plan ahead, remain aware of this cycle and its interconnectedness to stay in the bounciest, happiest place possible. Stay on top of your lean protein sources, greens, workouts and... comedies. Force them in to prevent the blistery undertow of winter.

Not TOO much longer... (grunt). IMG_6109