So, sadly there is no cure for this condition that affects a large majority of women, to varying degrees.I've read a bunch of different articles about the hormonal link (many specialists and doctors think there is a connection to estrogen, a female hormone). Glamour magazine has just published a quick suggestion list for improving the appearance of cellulite.

So, without making things complicated, here are the best moves you can make if you suffer from this issue - until there is a better solution.

Strength Training - in my opinion this is number 1. Glamour says: "Having a taut foundation of muscle makes the fat on top of it lie smoother." This is true! I've seen it happen with many of my clients. Obviously, if you have excess fat to lose, read every other post in this blog (!), or call me, and start tackling that. Proper strength training will reduce the fat on the body and make you look tighter and smoother overall - guaranteed.

Self-Tanner "helps skin look more even." The appearance of cellulite will be lessened if you give yourself a bit of a tan.

Avoid water retention: keep your salt intake low (below 1500 milligrams / day). Drink plenty of water (when you drink enough water, it pushes the water you're holding out. When you're low on water, your body holds onto it protectively. Of course the more fruits and vegetables you consume will help this problem as well as they tend to be higher in water content.

If you choose to use a cream, pick one with caffeine, hot pepper extract of retinol. "They're all irritants that cause skin to swell, which makes cellulite less noticeable."

Remember, the best way to actually reduce cellulite is to lose excess fat, be as healthy and firm as possible. But these suggestions can add an extra boost. Try the strength training - trust me! Your best bet for fat loss. EVERYONE needs to be strength training.

To read the article, pick up Glamour, April 2011 issue. *photo found at