From As you can imagine, I've heard more excuses in this line of work than I've heard regular chatty sentences. When you recruit someone to help you get to your goals (who will surpass you in their intentions for your work), you feel inclined to fight them. You feel inclined to wrestle for your own comfort, to defend your indulgences, and sometimes even walk out (yeah, I've had a client walk out once or twice!).

So, I've decided to write a sweet and short post featuring some of the ones I've heard lately, and I will share my responses to them. My answers always share the same purpose - to keep us focused on what you are REALLY doing here, outside your comfort zone. You are intent upon living life in a healthier way, in a fitter body. You want to look and feel better, and therefore live significantly better. So, we have agreed upon this, and therefore I will become the one standing in front of you and seemingly fighting you. But here's the kicker: I am not fighting YOU. I am fighting these silly reasons your alternate self is coming up with to NOT continue, to slow down, to eat that lasagna, to eat a second cookie. Because your goals are on my front burner. You've recruited me to deliver a service that will eliminate the bullshit and get you living better, quickly.

Sometimes my answers are quite simple. Sometimes they're sassy. But they always work.

"I had to eat the cookie, because it was free!" 90 cookies is about the price of one hour with me, and it will take 1.5 hours to burn that off. You saved zero money.

"Can we take a break?" Do you want to go get a $95 cup of coffee instead, and skip all of this?

"But it HURTS." It's supposed to. If you don't want to feel anything, you won't see any change.

"I didn't have time." You didn't make time.

"My ____________ (sister, father, boyfriend) brought home ice cream." There will always and forever be accessibility to junk food, it's best kept on the outside of your body.

"There were too many holiday parties." People are going to celebrate things all life long, you must learn to celebrate while not treating your insides like a dumpster caked with sugar and shortening.

"There was no equipment there." Um, hello - all the more reason to get an even better workout than usual!

"I forgot my shoes." Barefoot workouts are amazing for the anatomy.

"My child didn't finish her kraft dinner." It's a shame the garbage can missed some of its meal.

At the end of the day, if you want to get healthy and fit, you will. If you get struck by something tempting and begin to waver, and have the slightest internal battle, just shut your brain up and do the right thing. I always say, "When in doubt, go without." If you begin to agonize in the slightest over a cookie, for instance, skip it. Grab a green juice and hit the treadmill. You will be bright, optimistic, happy and lean afterward. That's worth the happiness of 5 million cookie moments.

We're on the same team here - my methods are standing behind what you ultimately want for yourself. Let's both bust through the obstacles together, and you'll be LAUGHING in your hot and tight new body. ;)