Today is the first day of fall (I believe past 11pm this evening, officially?). In the world of fitness, many of us are guilty of seeing fall as a relieving time - a time to pull out all of the baggy clothes, stay indoors with bad food and pack on some fat for winter. Not so fast! Just because you're not in a bathing suit or shorts everyday is no reason to let sluggishness take over. How nice would it be to reach next Spring not having to panic, compromise real meals and feel devastated about the notion of not looking smoking in your swimsuit for summer?

I am discussing aesthetics because with regard to seasons, it is most people's main focus. Don't you want to look amazing in your jeans year-round? Don't you want to feel that you have a permanent grip on your fitness and your body's tightness? Don't you want to blow people away at year-round events where you have to dress very glamourous or dapper (given your gender)? It isn't worth it to throw in the towel now. It isn't worth it to confuse your taste buds, and get them used to ultra-rich foods too often, only to embark upon a great taste bud battle next summer when you try to force feed salad, brown rice and chicken. (I am not suggesting that bland foods are the way to lose fat, but so many people indulge too much and then deprive too much.)

Stay in the middle. Keep the balance. Stay consistent. You can love your body as much in the middle of winter as you can in the summer. Keep sweating, keep carving shape, keep eating clean foods that pump you full of energy.

And remember... clothes come off in all seasons - you should always love what you see.