This is just a very quick word of advice for those who always pick up "diet" foods in hopes that this piece of marketing will translate into a smaller waistline or faster results. Remember, those who are healthy, look amazing. Just because a product has been skimmed of its fat and calories, does not make it a healthy option for our bodies. Our bodies are biologically complicated, but impressively designed. We are designed to cope with nature's food, given the fact that we are active and eat nature's foods in moderation. Our capitalist society has come up with many manipulative products to try to convince us that we can eat junk food, or more typically decadent foods more often, after they've been tampered with by chemicals and machines.

Our bodies do NOT know how to deal with these chemicals, naturally. One big reason why cancer is flying around and affecting far too many of us are these strange manipulations that humans have started to put in the foods we love, to make them more appealing for a quick-fix or lazy way to get lean. Companies are taking advantage of the fact that many of us are struggling with our weight, after fast food and junk food has taken over and stripped us of our common sense regarding nutrition. Our addictions to bad foods are largely caused by capitalism, and the stress of our overworked society.

Keep it real: eat real ice cream, when you want it. (Just watch that it isn't too often. If you force yourself to choose nutritionally dense products, and naturally clean and lower fat foods, you will become healthier which will lead you to desire indulgences less.) Eat full fat cheese, so long as it has natural ingredients that you can pronounce and do come from the ground, not a factory.

You will enjoy your indulgences more, be more satiated, need indulgences less. You will all around feel more energetic because you will be consuming FOOD and not freaky things designed to look and smell like it! Don't strange, waxy substances put into "ice cream" treats freak you out??? They sure freak me out!

Our bodies take care of us, when we do them. They know what is real and what isn't. You can't fool a brilliant biological human body, so quit trying. Work out, use what you've got, reduce toxicity, and replenish your system with healthy things provided by the earth.

I will certainly touch on specific ingredients to look out for in another post. Tonight - try real basil, tomatoes and fresh, full-fat mozzarella cheese for a caprese salad. Well balanced, light, yet filling. Mm.

And throw out your Skinny Cow ice cream treats in favour of a less-frequent spoonful of Hagen Das. Seriously!