Health and wellness is continually the most overlooked answer to any kind of unrest.  

Clients of all ages go through periods of unrest.  It can stir from stagnancy, existential crises, feeling entirely overwhelmed or simply feeling "blah".

When people feel stuck like this, it's tempting to look for quick-fixes or bandaid methods to mask the problem (like spending your whole pay check on something you'll be over in about a week, or getting entirely wasted and waking up with a throbbing headache and your only solution then being a physically forced apathy).  Don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about.

There is so little in life that you can control. Not everybody thrives on regularity and routine, but most do.  And even if you don't, proper nutrition and exercise affects your chemistry without you even knowing it in a way that results in you being high on life, motivated, energized and generally self-fulfilled.

Planning ahead to enjoy proper meals and booking fitness classes or workouts in advance can help you stay in a positive swing of things that can dramatically change the landscape of your life. 

It might sound too simple, but sometimes it is just that.  Plan ahead, straighten out your general well-being, and just take notice of what it does to those restless days. The one thing we can't skip around or argue our way out of (or deny) is that your wellness absolutely dictates every other happening along your path.  It's important.  Put a little investment into it.

Bossy, but a gentle bossiness today. Have a great week.