Sex is an integral part of wellness. I'm not avoiding this topic any longer.There are obvious reasons why fitness leads to a better sex life. Working out makes us feel more attractive. And then there are the scientific facts…

Exercise benefits your blood flow and circulation. It increases your endurance. It strengthens the mind/body connection (your ability to control your body with your brain), and it helps you to FEEL things better - period!

Let's think about this from a holistic perspective. The healthier you eat and the more you workout, the better you sleep. The better you think. The better you feel. The better you perform. When you are well-rested, attentive, introspective, confident and energetic, you have great sex! You feel good about yourself and are able to follow a sexual urge/intuition, more physically accurately and less held back by insecurity.

With better blood flow, you have better orgasms. Men - read: Harder erections. Women - read: Sooner and more likely multiple orgasms. With mind/body control, attained through exercises that require close concentration such as yoga and strength moves, you can control your orgasm - Women: reach it sooner! Men: reach it later! And with better endurance - Men: You know where I'm going with this.

Family members, are you uncomfortable yet? (Adam, beside me, says yes.)

Before writing this quick article, I did some research. And, it was stuff I already knew. It is simply common sense - and the advice / studies are the same across the board. So I'm trying to keep it simple for you.

I think this is enough of an argument to get everybody taking better care of their fitness and physicality, for fantastic (euphoric) rewards. *And - although the photo is of a heterosexual couple, of course the link between fitness and sex applies to EVERYONE, and every single kind of couple!

Just one quick thing to add - A strong core and a really strong ass will change your sex life forever. Watch the following videos for a couple great exercises (and more to come): TIGHT BUTT WORKOUT AB MOVE: Ultimate Plank For Core

Happy experimenting!

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