One of my clients has a mighty sweet tooth. Not only that, but he also gets hooked on foods he experiences while traveling and then finds ways to endure the experience while at home. This one he brings to us from the restaurant at which he dined during Wimbledon: FROZEN BERRIES IN A WHITE CHOCOLATE GLAZE.

I apologize I don't have a photo. Fred made this for me and we chomped it after our session at 9am last week. I only decided later to share it with all of you. It looks like fruit, coated in a clear syrup!


1 square of Bakers White Chocolate 2 tbsp whipping cream 1/2 cup of frozen berries (blueberries and raspberries are best)

Melt the white chocolate. Fred does this by putting a (good quality, non-cracking) bowl on a small pot of boiling water. Once the chocolate starts to melt, he adds the whipping cream (not whipped, mind you). Whisk the chocolate and the cream together to create a glaze.

Put the fruit in a bowl, and drizzle it with the glaze.

This is a great substitute for ice cream, or a great way to nip any sugar craving in the butt! It's very indulgent, but not TOO terrible for the waistline. I'm not going to say the glaze is healthy - one square of white chocolate on its own has 7grams of fat. BUT, at least the fruit is nutritious, and the glaze is such a small amount that the calories won't be through the roof.

Enjoy :)