Vegan or avoiding dairy and dying to indulge just like everybody else?Well, on one of those days when you just feel like getting a little bad or consuming something a bit heavier, you can head over to Fresh and grab the Green Poutine.

Green Poutine

The french fries are just french fries, no healthy twist. So, again, it's not a HEALTH food, it's an indulgence suited for an infrequent visit, not your daily lunch. But we all need those indulgences. Slightly more angelic are the steamed greens (chard etc.), roasted mushroom gravy and even the fresh "cheese" sauce which develops its orange colour from carrot and sweet potato. The chef has mastered this "cheese" sauce because the flavour is BIG. Mmm. It's topped with green onions and sunflower seeds. You can also have this with sweet potato fries instead.

My friends and I all split it and had difficulty not fighting over who could lick the container. Okay, one of us did. It wasn't me. :)

So, you can at least get a delivery of some greens and vitamins the next time you're just dying for a hot and heavy poutine-like thing.