THE PHYTOSALAD. This is one of my favourites of the new additions to the menu at Fresh. This salad blew my mind the first time I tried it - what a delicious combo of flavours. First of all, the edible flowers are of course a lovely touch. But combine those microgreens and sprouts with the soba noodles, tofu steaks (I also like it with the marinated tofu cubes) in the tahini-esque 3-6-9 dressing and you end up shovelling this awesome contrast in your mouth like it's some bad-for-you comfort food. But it's not. It's fresh, delicious and green. Add to that base the sweet greens peas, crispy onions, toasted nuts, fresh mint, nappa cabbage and squirt some lemon and lime over it - it goes with out saying, there are a long of pretty exciting things going on in this bowl. I crave it on the daily. Trust me on this one, you will too. Friends who have followed my advice and tried it have raved enthusiastically about this addition. Pardon the poor photo but this salad arrives in-house with such a beautiful presentation. I've been on a bit more of a grab-and-scarf schedule lately, but it is one to gaze upon and savour. Promise.


In addition to my phytosalad I tried out the Trail Mix power shake. It's a superfood powerhouse, combining goji berries, mesquite, macs, raw cacao nibs, blueberries, apple and both almond and hemp milk. Talk about a nutritional home run - this will fight off free radicals and spike your brain for mental alterness like no other. AND IT TASTES LIKE BERRIES AND CHOCOLATE. Ya dig?

I did. I'm really enjoying this exploration of their new stuff... And lucky me! There's more to come.