I'm making my way through the new items on the Fresh Restaurants' menu, which most of you will know is a top favourite take-out / dine-in option of mine in the city of Toronto (soon to be expanding - next up is Montreal!). Yesterday a friend and I ate the Squash Tacos, the Transformer salad and the Deep Chocolate Supermilk on my very windy rooftop. Despite losing a chunk of cilantro here and there to the gusts - what a great meal.

The Transformer is one that I'm very excited about, having been involved in coming up with the name. Its concept is in part a spin-off of Pure Transformation Personal Training, the name of my business. Because this dish is so high in protein, it is an active person's dream - muscle building, fuelling, energizing and incredibly filling. It's transformative! So, if you are looking to fuel an active, body-changing lifestyle, you definitely want to give this one a try. It's full of so many good things. It features quinoa and marinated adzuki beans, finely chopped romaine lettuce that provides a fresh, crunchy contrast to the softness of avocado, grape tomatoes, chick peas, sweet green peas, cashew scallion pate, sikil pak (you HAVE to try this awesome Mexican creamy pumpkin seed dip!) and marinated tofu cubes. There are some cucumbers tossed in for extra crunch, it's drizzled in a carrot miso dressing and comes with a raw green wrap so that you can "transform" your salad into a wrap, or use it to dip. It's fun, versatile and chockfull of nutrition. Homerun in my books.

Transformer Salad. Salivating again looking at it.

The squash tacos have been a huge seller. They're delicious! It can be really difficult for vegetarians and vegans to get their taco fix in Toronto (or anywhere) and Fresh has delivered a great option. The squash is fried and crunchy to make life a little more exciting (no one can deny that they're delicious) and is balanced out with shredded kale, creamy jalapeño and lime taco sauce - which is to die for - and topped with tomato, onion and cilantro. They come in a whole wheat tortilla, but you can supplement with gluten-free green wraps, or skip the tortillas altogether and opt instead for a bed of lettuce.

Squash Tacos - a vegetarian's right to splurge!

There's a new category on the menu of "Supermilks". These are milk-based drinks, and naturally I opted for the Deep Chocolate, because, come on. Its description reads: "Anti-oxidizing, heart-health, body strengthening, nourishing." Well, yup - I want all those things. Maca, mesquite, cocoa, raw coconut oil, maple syrup and almond & hemp milks won me over. It was mild tasting, not an obnoxiously chocolatey drink, and I could really taste the coconut. It was light, refreshing, and so indulgent. I wasn't looking for a chocolate milk alternative, just a punch of some nutritious cocoa in a fresh drink. It was lovely, and I'm eager to try the others.

Deep Chocolate Supermilk

Next up I'm reviewing the Phytosalad and the Trail Mix Power Shake. Stay tuned!