I have a few golfer clients who have greatly improved their golf swing. The secret is IT'S ALL IN THE CORE! When you have a powerful core, you recruit that strength and power directly into your swing. If you displace the source of the swing from the core, to the upper body, you'll find the energy becomes choppy.

Try these two core exercises for a better swing.

LUNGE WITH ROTATION(below) Step forward (or back) into a lunge, while holding a dumbbell in front of your chest. Your legs will be in two 90 degree angles, with most of your weight in your front heel. Keep the pelvis and legs still, and exhale as you rotate your torso in the direction of your front leg. Make sure that your whole torso rotates as one unit (don't just turn the shoulders in the direction you wish to move). Return to center, and step back to start. Alternate sides.

STIR THE POT(below) Get into a plank on the ball (forearms resting on the ball). Don't let your upper body collapse onto the ball while getting into position, because your abs will be "lazy" and won't contract properly in the exercise. Extend one leg at a time back into the plank position. You are resting on the balls of the feet, and the shoulders are directly overtop of your elbows (core carrying your weight). Hold for 10 seconds, and ensure that your abdominals are firmly supporting the muscles of the lower back. Then, slowly roll your elbows in a circle, to your left, 4 times. Then roll in the opposite direction, 4 circles. Ensure that as you circle your elbows, your abdominals both initiate and control this movement without allowing the lower back to close (droop) and overshadow the tightness in the abs. Once done rolling, hold for another 10 seconds and re-assert the abdominals' support for the lower back.

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