These are my three top exercises for the GLUTES! Gluteus minimus, gluteus medius and gludius maximus. In other words - your ass. If you want it HIGHER, ROUNDER, TIGHTER or SMALLER, these exercises will essentially sculpt it to its best possible shape - and burn fat at the same time!

(Always do a warm-up before performing these or any strength exercises. All are exampled using the left leg first.)

STEP-UPS: Repeat all repetitions on one leg, before switching legs. Begin with left heel on a bench in front of you (so leg is bent). Dig through the heel to step up - only tapping right toe on the bench if you need to for balance. Try, however, to force your left glute, quad, hamstring and your core to grip and absorb the instability, to catch your balance. Everyone is tempted to straighten the leg fully, but better results come from keeping the knee slightly bent, and gripping the muscles tightly around it. NEVER LOCK THE KNEE. Fight gravity as you lower, slowly. Repeat!

ONE-LEGGED SQUATS: Like ALL glute exercises, dig the heel in. Repeat all repetitions on one leg, before switching legs. Make sure your foot is straight and not off to an angle. Bend your opposite leg and keep it off the ground. Your core will be gripping for balance throughout. Inhale, drop the hips back as you bend the left knee (squatting back), weight still pressing into the left heel. Don't come TOO low, just above 90 degree angle in the leg, before exhaling and pressing back up to start. THE HEEL MUST STAY DOWN AT ALL TIMES - this prevents your knee from moving too far forward, and it also keeps your glutes well-engaged. Again, avoid tapping right foot down for balance, but do if you need to. Try to use your muscles for stability, and your breathing. Getting the breathing right can really help with balance.

ONE-LEGGED BOSU BRIDGE: Lie on your back, with left heel on the most buoyant part of the bosu (foot flexed), left knee bent 90 degrees. Keep right leg either extended, or slightly bent - just ensure it doesn't move at all so that all movement can be concentrated on the left leg. Exhale, press through the heel to press the hips up until they are almost in a straight line from knees to shoulders. Inhale, allow knees to bend to lower hips back down (don't let weight rest on the floor, hover over the floor so the hamstrings and gluts are still carrying the load). Repeat all repetitions before switching legs.

*If you have extremely tight hamstrings or bad knees, these exercises may not be for you. If you have questions, email me or ask another professional.  These exercises should only be completed by those who regularly perform regular squats, lunges and hamstring bridges or curls.

Now, just keep the cardio up and eat clean, and enjoy the results! There's nothing better than a strong butt!

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