Easy, this is not. But, I have managed to get rid of ALMOST all of my heavily toxic products in favour of more natural and earth-friendly ones. I am not by any means perfect at this point, and I highly doubt that I will ever be. But what I have changed so far will make a great big difference in my insides and as well in what I'm rinsing down the drain. Body lotion, coconut oil, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, blush and tinted moisturizer.

I had to add some Aveda shampoo and conditioner to the hair department. Their "Scalp Benefits" seems to be the cleanest type. Hugo Naturals shampoo and conditioner is lovely, smells great, but frankly the Aveda leaves it a bit softer and less dreadlock-like. I DO blame myself for this - I'm sure that if, one day, I decide to also give up colouring and processing my hair, its texture will improve. For now, I need some help.

Skincare from Arbonne

I've purchased some Arbonne skincare that has lovely fruit extracts, and is certainly still making me feel like I have luxurious skincare while I transition. I am also using a Green Beaver cleanser, and I still love to slather my face and neck in almond oil at night (super sexy, I know).

My makeup newcomers consist mostly of Josie Maran and Korres products at the moment (both available at Sephora). Only just yesterday have I shut my beloved Mac blushes away (notice: shut away, not GIVEN away. Not perfect!) Concealer, blush, liquid liner, mascara I am also using a really lovely tinted moisturizer by Eminence - it helps me to look alive in the mornings, while still feeling clean and light. It blends right in!

The toothpaste and deodorant are tricky. I'm not a sweaty person throughout my days - although I'm jumping around during my sessions doing demos, the clients are doing the working out. Not me. I have to spend all of my attention of their form so that we don't miss any opportunities for further efficiency. Through the days, I am better about using my new clean deodorants (Weleda and Nature's Gate). But, for my own workouts, I AM sneaking my old Dove antiperspirant still. I mean, I am showering it right off after... But I know, I know. A bit of a failure on that front. The toothpaste - not great news here, either, I'm afraid. I used the natural stuff for about a week, and then switched back.

I have two lovely brands of natural toothpaste sitting there looking at me, and I will attempt to adopt them again some day soon!

I feel that skincare, haircare and makeup is a great start for two weeks. I have a ways to go, but I've come a long way, as well. Please share your advice about what YOU have found to be most helpful for this transition in the comments below. There are many interested in making small changes toward this switch - please help and share!

I am not claiming to be an expert (yet), as there is so much to know. Some of these products seem to be clean, and then when I look them up, I've been duped. They are all, however, steps in the right direction. I am simply sharing my experience with you! And of course, thinking and learning about it is the very first factor in making this positive change. Join me?