photo-76The holidays are for resting. Be with those you love (even if it's just you and your favourite TV characters this year), feel zero pressure, and enjoy being appointment-free. The holidays are for indulging. Whether it's dessert, an afternoon glass of wine, or some champagne with your breakfast, just remember a LITTLE is typically better enjoyed than a LOT. (Nobody likes an afternoon / evening hangover or a sugar coma!)

Do not drink and drive. I mean, to lose your whole life or to become a murderer in a split second foggy decision is just far too incredibly stupid and sub-human. Think, stay clear, make arrangements ahead of time. These tragedies are far too common because everybody thinks they're in control after a few drinks. It only takes a quarter second mistake.

Smile and regroup. Assess your year, reflect on it, and make plans for the next one. This downtime is the time you can focus on being your best self.

Fresh air and exercise keep you feeling alive. Holidays are not to become a blob - blobs don't really enjoy their lives that much. :)

Love to you all - have a great holiday season and I'll bring you some terrific pain in the new year.