Let's face it. You're not going to be eating salmon and broccoli and oatmeal and blueberries and chicken and bok choy and tofu and brown rice and spinach all the time.You will need to break and have something a little bit more indulgent.

For those of you who love pub food, have an unwavering craving for junk food but REALLY want to stay on track and see your waistline shrink - this option may help.

Choose baked tortillas, as natural as possible. I love Neal Brothers Bite Size Tortillas - oven baked. In one serving, which is slightly more than a quarter of the bag, you get 200 calories, 5g of fibre, 4g of protein and only 2.5g of fat. On the ingredient list, we have white whole kernel corn, vegetable oil and salt. Notice that the fats are not hydrogenated, and there are only 3 ingredients! Put a quarter of the bag on a piece of foil, on a baking sheet. Turn oven on to 300. Toss on a bunch of vegetables (I like peppers), salsa, and a bit of cheese (maybe a quarter of a cup of cheddar). Bake, then sprinkle with chopped iceberg lettuce for crunch.

The trick is not to bake too many at once, and go easy on the cheese. I use full-fat Balderson cheddar because it has so much flavour, so I use less. I am okay to use full-fat cheese because my diet is very low in saturated fats. If you have a heart condition, high blood pressure, high levels of LDL cholesterol, go even lighter on the cheese. It's really best to ask me directly if this dish would be okay to squeeze into your diet - as everyone is different, and it depends on what the individual is consuming throughout the day.

These nachos taste better than those in the pub, because the flavours of the toppings aren't masked with grease. You have a clean tortilla chip, high in fibre and protein, lycopene from the salsa, vitamin C from the peppers, calcium and protein from the cheese. When you go "bad" (though I kind of hate to use that word), make sure it's chock-ful of the components that do our body good. This leads to a healthier lifestyle.

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