Almost every post that I write is inspired by something a client mentions, asks me, or is going through.They are the inspiration that keeps my blood churning and brain feeling oxygenated, much like a solid workout would do. They keep me motivated and full of adrenaline toward my work.

This post is no different - it is specifically derived from a recent conversation with a client.

Recently I was discussing troubled times, and how vital it is to continue to push, physically, through them. When life becomes problematic, stressful or chaotic, sometimes our first inclination is to drop exercise and submit to a paralytic position, enduring the chaos while on edge and not really functioning efficiently. When I am very stressed, for instance, time can pass so quickly without me being able to really mobilize well to better my situation. I am working on this and learning from it, but it still proves to be a challenge.

When you can push yourself to sideline your problems, at least in part, and to focus predominantly on exercise (as insignificant and mundane as it might seem in comparison), you are in fact steadying your stress and balancing your thoughts. If you can push to simply start a workout, you will find your brain space and stress management better organized directly afterwards (and sometimes halfway through). This leads to efficiency in dealing with problems. Perhaps more importantly, the sensation of physical strength and the exercising of it - such as pushing through physical resistance - better prepares us for being able to calmly and strongly move through metaphysical resistance. So, when you feel like life is pushing against you, tripping you up and throwing curveballs, you will be able to hit them, find your balance, and push back.

When we are in good practice of persisting through difficult exercises, we can then breathe and calmly persist through difficult life occurrences as well.

Hard times have their place and their purpose. They are vital exercises for us - like a math workbook or an art class. It's important to have experience wrestling with things, and then we are more densely woven, confident, organized and STRONG thereafter. I find THIS to be one of the most inspiring facets in life. Resilience lies in the mental just as it does in the physical, and vice versa. This interconnectedness spikes my blood daily.

So be strong, be calm, push through, and you will always find yourself back on top.

Because I'm feeling sappy, here are *some of* the people from whom I derive great strength. xo