This might be a tricky idea to get down, but it's a common angle so I'm going to try my best. One of the things that holds people back the most from anything new - a new city, a new relationship, a new exercise program - is that they feel they've already experienced all of life's ups and downs and know just how "up" or how "down" a thing can be. And they wonder, then, how worth it the work can be.

Adults have this funny quality of being know-it-alls. Because we've been through good and bad experiences that have led us through detailed understandings of things, we believe them to be all that there is. What I mean is, we forget how often and how dramatically things really are capable of changing. For example, you can sit strongly in your judgment about a situation one day, and one or two days later you might feel the very opposite about it.

What you think you know can change. It's imperative to remain open to that, to know THAT. If you must know anything at all, change is the only constant. You can change. How you experience life can change. How you feel in your life can change and will, if you will it.

And how does this apply to personal training, or wellness, or the interest of this blog in any regard? Because sometimes if we've felt happiness, we feel like that's the best we'll ever feel again. We forget that there are new learnings, and new feelings. And so we stay, and we feel the same. For example, if the folks whose goals are fat loss have at one point been lighter and leaner, they might look back on it as a pretty good time, but perhaps not quite worth revisiting the work. They know how it felt to get there, they know how it felt to be there. And this is where experience can greatly hold us back, rather than propel us forward.

"Meh. Why would this time be different?" Well - simply because each time is different. Each time we try something new, things are different. The world can surprise you, as can your own personal development when you remain open to change. This time changing your body could change multiple aspects of your mental self, as well. This time you might not feel cranky and deprived but full of energy and excitement about life, with a fit body to boot.

Our minds close as time passes, because we have so many more memories and understandings to trap us. There is always the new, there are always new feelings and perspectives to surprise us. Life can change dramatically by small, adventurous movements. Of course I'm speaking to myself as well because I think we all fall prey to this: don't settle for the norm, and assume the highs and lows are as you've seen them. Don't expect to know all of the results of your actions. Things can always be better, and one of the most regenerating things is the element of surprise.

But don't wait for yours - go surprise yourself, and see what life hands you back. I bet it'll be ground-breakingly good.

Try new things. Doesn't have to be sitting in a canon.