Most people are either at their goal weight / in their fit body, have made the decision to make it happen, or have not yet made the decision. If you've made the decision, but have had trouble with the follow-through, why are you still wasting time in a body that doesn't make you feel good?

This isn't a pushy self-promo post, I promise. But I want you to really ask yourself this question: how much longer do you want to spend KNOWING what you want but not ATTAINING it? Sometimes it's important, and well worth the investment to recruit the help you need and to make better use of your one life.

If it was 30, 15 or even 1 year ago that you decided to make a change, but are still not currently in your desired shape or level of fitness, it might be time to make the call. It is wasteful to go through life uncomfortable in your own skin, and not as happy as you can be.

Professionals are standing by to limit your self-deprecation and maximize your living.

If you have not yet made the decision, then you are not ready to do the work. Desire has to sit behind the actions.

If you are still dreaming of achieving your goals but not quite there, please don't be afraid to ask for help. I really want to get you into your best life.

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