I know this all sounds like self-help mumbo jumbo. I know we all get enough of that stuff these days. But this is a really important concept, I think, that we often lose sight of on the days when things feel hard. Because those hard days are so vitally necessary and one of the strongest components of the good days.When you're feeling behind, rattled, worn out, distraught, discouraged or even just generally lame, you have to remember it has a place and it's a strong one. Let the bad days do their thing. Have you ever noticed that some people whose lives have been made easy for them have trouble being satisfied? Many have trouble finding happiness, and certainly don't often have the ability to share it outwardly with others.

The concept of #betterthanperfect deals with exactly this. When things come to us with too much ease, they bear little content that features a good wrestle, and therefore little value. What I mean by wrestle is something with opposing parts that seesaw their way to elevation / progression. With each back and forth something new is learned and a new level is achieved. It is an earned platform of functionality, rather than an empty platter of ease. There is a reason why accepting defeat and letting gravity pull you down a hill will lead you underground, and pushing upward will take you somewhere with a nicer view.

I also find that people who have wrestled with things - whether they be health, finance, body image, relationships, physical discomfort or any of the things that humans wrestle with the most - they live in a more enlightened manner. Not only that, but they radiate it outwardly. They share it, because they are relatable and empathetic - they often see and share the good.

I really appreciate people who share their true selves, and not just the shiny, happy nonsense we somehow believe even though each of us, as humans, know that perfection is not attainable. Not in relationships, health, physicality of any kind, or even in awareness. We have the ability to remind ourselves that each phase often has a place and to keep bloody well moving forward because the dips don't drag us back, but rather get a little necessary struggle out of us and get us wiggling forward again. Awareness of the ups and downs and their overall positive and REAL place is the ignition to happiness, I think. If the projection of perfection could just die down a little, maybe more of us could accept that wiggling and all feel a lot better. Judging ourselves less, judging others less.

As you can imagine, this analogy comes into play in my training often, because I feel like sitting around doing what's easy leads us to misery, whereas a little physical push gets us to a more euphoric way of living. You MUST be okay with being pushed sometimes, and you MUST learn how to push back. This is the only option for a human being! One day, something is going to push you. It might be a war outside your door, or it might be bills overwhelming you. Regardless of its size, you have to push back.

Otherwise that reflection of perfection, yes, is going to get incredibly lonely. And until we realize that being imperfect is better, defeat really is the only alternative.

*feature photo is from Annie Ink