Hello everyone, Another healthy week in the books! I took Jessica's advice regarding interval training this past weekend. I did 15 rounds of 1 (fast) min : 1 (slow) min and immidiately saw resuts. I covered 6KM for a total of 5 Min/km during the work out. It is amazing how that little timer keeps the focus on pace throughout the workout. I am going to add in more shorter 5-6 KM runs going forward, as per Jessica's comments about my muscle goals relative to my cardio goals (Jess adds: With too many long runs, Ryan will not put on the muscle that he intends).

I think I mention it every week: Diet is my biggest challenge. Jessica concocted a clever little plan, drawing on my competitive spirit, and challenged me to go without meat for the whole weekend (she knows my favorite pizza is underneath sausage + pepperoni + cheddar). A sucker for a solid dare, I did my best and stuck with it. I could NEVER be a full time vegetarian, but it was actually kind of fun to give it a go. The first thing I learned was that pubs dont really have any decent sounding vegetarian options (or at least for a first-timer like me), so i wound up going to Freshii twice. Other food highlights: guacamole, avocados, apples, bananas, egg burritos, hard boiled eggs, beans, nuts, etc. In the end, J-Man's clever food challenge worked. I didn't binge eat a bunch of garbage. I might not have eaten perfect portions of proteins, carbs etc. but i tried to do my best. I am just very happy I was able to do it, and don't have any pizza boxes in my recycling bin haha. (Jess says: The goal of this challenge was to get you eating outside of your comfort zone, which is still a challenge. We will try this one again sometime in the future, and I'd like you to try some different kinds of foods than you're used to - AND, you will have to balance your macronutrients this time! But - well done for now… onto the next.) OK, I am sure Jessica is already crafting another challenge for me for next weekend! So i will keep you posted. Cheers everyone! Ryan

From weekly training session with Jess.