FRESH! Yes, this vegetarian restaurant is across the street and thus lends itself to very frequent visits.  But, one big reason I love Fresh so much is because I've worked with its recipe creator, and can vouch for the ingredients it uses in my favourite dishes.  There are no nasty fillers in the food - it is a list on clean, top notch ingredients. I can recommend it to my clients whole-heartedly.

Fresh is delicious, satiating, and has a dish for every palate.

My top faves are:

*The Beach Bowl

*The Grounding Greens Bowl

*Mega Life Salad

*California Salad

*Ace of Kales Salad

*Electrolyte Green Smoothie


Fresh has a location on Crawford at Queen, Richmond and Spadina, Bloor and Spadina, and Yonge and Eglinton.

They also sell their cookbooks (hurray!) for those who can't get to the food as frequently as they might like, or who might want to blow someone's socks off at a dinner table.

They sell gift cards which make great Christmas gifts for Torontonians, and they are also currently accepting donations for supporting a family's Christmas this year that may not otherwise have one.  Good feelings all around.

Well done, Jennifer Houston and Ruth Tal.

Check out their website at


Soup, Superfood Salad and Cornbread Combo.