I used to be very anti-nutritional supplements back in the day, because so many of the companies used such crazy ingredients in their products. Sure, I want protein - but I don't want a whack load of stuff that is not actually designed to be in a human body along with it!So, I was a strictly eat-real-food trainer/nutritionist. These days, there are so many more options available to us! This leads me to today's "favourite thing" - Vega. Vega is, quite simply, a brand that features clean and natural ingredients in its products. No, you don't need to be Vegan to benefit from it.


Many protein powders on the market include soy, gluten and many artificial sweeteners that people react to. Have you ever felt "weird" after having a protein shake? There's a reason!

Vega shakes are dairy, soy and gluten free (these are the top 3 allergies most people are at least sensitive to). They feature superfoods such as hemp seeds, flax seeds, chlorella, maca, grapeseed extract, sacha inchi and REAL BROCCOLI. The all-in-one nutritional shake delivers fibre, greens, omegas, probiotics and protein - 15g of it!

Most of us who are NOT strictly vegan or vegetarian don't want to be eating meat all the time - we all know, now, about farming practices when it comes to mass production of meat. We know more these days about what we are eating in the animals we consume. When farmers and the meat industry cut corners with their product, the animals suffer and then we ingest that straight into our systems. It's important simply to know what you are putting in your body, and to try to choose responsibly. Choosing responsibly would mean cutting back, first of all, and opting for local and organic whenever possible.

Whether you are cutting out, or cutting back, Vega has made life a lot easier. I can recommend them with complete confidence. My clients will be getting the nutrition that they need to get the results they want.

I very rarely get behind supplement companies. I am approached often and almost always pass. I'm picky, and take what I recommend to my clients very seriously. That should tell you something about Vega!

Also, I'd like you to check out their blog which features great recipes using quality ingredients. Check out these Vegan Gingerbread Protein Pancakes.

gingerbread pancakes